Geopark Vestjylland - formidling

Photo:Henrik Winther Krogh

Facts and research

Med Geopark Vestjylland vil vi gerne bidrage til at skabe en forståelse af sammenhængen mellem fortid, nutid og fremtid

Therefore, the theme about the Landscape describes how the landscape in the geopark area is created by ice, water and wind. There are 48 Geosites - these are special sites, that form the basis for the geopark designation.

Under the topic History, you will find examples of how people have settled and supported themselves in the area working with and sometimes also against landscape features, climate and nature.

Both people and geological processes have played a major role in the development of the very diverse and beautiful nature in the geopark. Nature itself also has its own landscape architects. You can find these stories under the topic Nature.

Our knowledge about and understanding of the geopark grows as a wide range of topics are researched. Under the theme Research we will describe a series of projects and present the results as they are published.