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Welcome to the Geopark West Jutland official website. Find inspiration and information on how to explore our fascinating landscape, shaped by ice, wind and water, which has provided a home to humankind during the past 9000 years.

Geopark West Jutland illustrates the changes in geology, nature and our cultural heritage, in brief: Nature and people in movement. Speaking of movement, here you'll find opportunities to hike, bike, horseback ride or sail, as well as discovering our local food and produce. The website also provides an insight into our various, well supported, voluntary activities.


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Geopark West Jutland covers the areas of Lemvig, Holstebro and Struer municipalities, as well as the seabed of parts of the Limfjord Inlet and North Sea, all the way to Jyske Rev. We are currently applying for UNESCO certification as a UNESCO Global Geopark, and you'll find information about UNESCO and the worldwide Geopark Network. We are aiming for local ownership and identity, based on our cultural heritage, underpinned by cooperation with a number of local partners and volunteers.

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