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Thorsminde Camping is a nice family campsite with lots of outdoor experiences for the whole family. Here is the water park, the playground with bouncy cushion, walks to the North Sea, angling in both sea and fjord. Take advantage of the opportunity for outdoor activities at Nissum Fjord with kite surfing. Thosminde Camping offers canoeing, kayaking and SUP equipment and offers courses in the SUP - Stand up paddle. Nearby attractions include the North Sea, Strandingmuseum St. George and Nature Park Nissum Fjord.

Klitrosevej 4

6990 Ulfborg


Phone:2045 1976

Mobile:2045 1976

fax:9749 7218

Thorsminde Camping is a nice campsite for the hole family. There are room for the children to play and jump, both when they are on the playground, on the bouncy castle or in the water park.

At the same time, it is possible for parents to enjoy life and relax on the campsite. You can take the fishing rod and go for a walk to the North Sea, are you more active you can learn to kitesurf on Nissum Fjord, which is one of Europe's best places to learn to kitesurf.

It is possible to rent canoes, kayaks and SUP equipment at Thorsminde Camping, and you can take a course in stand-up paddle. If you would like to learn more about the history in the area, the Strandingsmuseet St. George are not far from the campsite.




Klitrosevej 4

6990 Ulfborg

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