The North Sea

The North Sea - The foaming sea along the west coast of Denmark is a popular excursion spot both for couples and families. The great nature with wide horizons to the north and to the south offers long sand beaches.

All year round a walk on the beach is a sure hit. A walk in the fresh air gives you red cheeks and new energy. Enjoy the roar of the waves while the kids gather rocks and sea shells, and visit the old bunkers from WW2 - but pay attention! The sea and the ravages of time have left their marks on the bunkers.

A swim in the North Sea is a wonderful experience on a lovely summer day, but please observe the great forces of nature of the North Sea!

Pay a visit to the authentic fishing village of Thorsminde, where the village is situated on the very verge of the dunes. Here, you meet fishermen in the harbour, where you, too, can throw out your fishing line, or you can enjoy a fresh caught fish at the auction hall during summer. In Thorsminde you also find Strandingmuseum St. George, which exhibits the story of English ships of the line on the coast.

The rough North Sea to the west is the diametrical opposite of the so often calm and smooth Nissum Fjord, which forms the east line of the village. The view from the harbour bridge in central Thorsminde with the North Sea on one side and the fjord on the other is a marvellous sight.

Video of Thorsminde.

By Vedersø Klit - especially during summer - you find a wide range of cosy activities for both children and adults.

Græm Beach near Husby received an official FKK-sign (bathing in the nude) in 2017. Many people the a swim here most of the year - and here you may take a swim even without you bathing suit.