Klosterhedens Vildt

Klosterhedens Vildt is Denmark's largest producer of free-range game meat from Danish red deer.

During the season, we receive game from hunters, Klosterheden, the Danish Nature Agency, Danish estates and we are specialists in creating sustainable food, such as meat and cold cuts from the hunt's prey from nature's green pantry in high quality from a pristine environment.

Klosterhedens Vildt sells the goods delivered right to your door or picked up from us in the farm shop:

Carvings of red deer, wild boar, pheasant, mallards
- Wild tapas plates
- Smoked wild fillet
- Spiced sausages
- Medister
- Sausages
- Pate
- Our own produced marinated deer jerk of dried crown fillet high on protein and flavor
- Sustainable luxury leather production of our own red deer skins in Danish design and sewn in DK.