Skånsø - Tranemose

N42 Natura2000 Skånsø - Tranemose

Photo: Ringkøbing Kommune

A heathland and plantation area with a very clean lake with water lobelia plants.  The lake developed in a dead ice hole (kettle hole). There is also a small bog and a rather overgrown area where peat used to be extracted.

Natural Values

This Natura 2000 area covers 84 ha and is located northwest of Vinderup. It comprises lake Skånsø in the south and the Tranemose bog in the north. The Skånsø has an area of 12.5 ha and lies in a kettle hole. It is surrounded by a plantation and both dry and wet heathlands; there is also an area where peat has been extracted. Skånsø is a lobelia lake with several red-listed species. Tranemose represents the remains of a previously extensive area of bog land west of lake Flyndersø. Today the bog is in a poor state because of bad hydrological conditions. In the middle of the bog there is a lake filled with brown water in an area where peat was extracted more than 100 years ago.

Open Air Activities and Communication

A marked path has been made around lake Skånsø together with a folder with relevant information about the area. A primitive shelter with campfire facilities has been established on the eastern shore of the lake.

Cooperation With the Aspiring Geopark

Information about the walking route at Skansø is available at in cooperation with Holstebro Municipality and the geopark.