Ausumgaard hovedbygning

N6 Ausumgaard

Photo: Geopark Vestjylland

Ausumgaard is one of the few manors that survived the so called slaughter of estates around the year 1800.

Ausumgaard is one of the few manors that survived the so called slaughter of estates around the year 1800 and is today working to become a Power Hub for production and innovation of high quality locally based food products.

Ausumgaard allé

Photo:Geopark Vestjylland

The History

Ausumgaard can trace its history back to 1475 when it had status as a regular farm. In the centuries to follow the farm was sold several times and for a while was part of a larger estate that also comprised the nearby larger estates Quistrup and Volstrup. In 1709 Ausumgaard acquired the title “manor” by its own right. The manor continued to grow in size and today’s buildings date back to around 1750 and remained in the ownership of the same family from that time till 1942. Today the manor is owned by 4th generation of the family that purchased it in 1942.


Photo:Geopark Vestjylland

Ausumgaard with its surrounding lands is a fine example of the large estates that raised steers for export and grew wealthy in the process. The wet and extensive grasslands between the Main Stationary Line and the Limfjord were well suited to raise cattle that were later taken along the “Drover’s Road” to the southern parts of Denmark to be sold to Northern Germany, the Netherlands or England.

Forårsmesse Ausumgaard

Photo:Geopark Vestjylland

Ausumgaard Today

The present owner has launched a new and ambitious project to develop the old farm buildings into a center for the development of innovative new local food products. The idea is that Ausumgaard will hold kitchens, production facilities, lecture halls etc. that will work as a melting pot for new ideas, cooperation and generation of new ideas and concepts. It is also the idea that local school classes can make use of the facilities. On top of this Ausumgaard is also working as a modern agricultural farm with its own shop and is holding annual markets with local produce.

Ausumgaard økologi

Photo:Geopark Vestjylland

Cooperation With the Aspiring Geopark

The Geopark has signed an Expression of interest to support the development of the Power Hub Ausumgaard project. Ausumgaard is an obvious partner in the development of criteria for becoming a geopark partner within food production.