Struer Museum

Struer Museum

Photo: Struer Museum

The exibits at Struer Museum displays the cultural heritage within the geographic area of Struer Municipality.

The museum also works with the following topics in a broader regional perspective. Since Struer is a former trafic centre the museum tells about the maritime history as well as fishing and the railway history.

There is an interesting exibition about the authors society around the Limfjord in the period 1907 - 1940, where the local author Johannes Buchholtz and his wife played a central role. Buchholtz house is part of Struer Museum and can be visited in the condition of the past.

In the basement of the museum you will find the Bang & Olufsen exibition, where you can see the historical products of B & O and learn more about the history behind the company.

There is a display of topographic paintings by artists of this century who have explored the western part of the Limfjord, particularly around Toftum Bjerge and at Venø.

The museum has a significant collection of landscape paintings with works of Jens Søndergaard, Knud Eel, Knud Agger, Johan Sejg and Michael Sørensen among others.

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