Højvandsmuren i Lemvig

Flood wall in Lemvig

Photo: Mads Krabbe

In Lemvig, a very special wall winds its way along the harbor - it is the flood wall that protects Lemvig Harbor and town from flooding during strong storms.

The high tide wall - also called "Le Mur" - has proven its worth several times, for example during the storms "Bodil" and "Dagmar".

The town of Lemvig is located in a meltwater valley between high hills by the bay "Lem Vig". During a storm, the wind can push water from the Limfjord into Lem Vig. Especially at high tide, the risk of flooding is high.

The "Le Mur" project was initiated in 2012. It is constructed of solidly grounded concrete elements that are bolted together. The wall is 80-120 cm high and stretches approx. 400 m along the harbour. Here there are six sliding gates that can be closed manually in the event of a storm surge. The wall can protect against high tides up to 210 cm above daily water.

Luftfoto over Lemvig med grafik