Ravhuset i Thyborøn

The Amber House in Thyborøn

Photo: Ravhuset i Thyborøn

The collection in the Amber House (Ravhuset) in Thyborøn is founded by Rav Aage. He was an eager collector of amber and a determined advocate of nature without pollution.

Bjarne Hansen, son of Rav Aage, has like his father, opened the house of his amber grindery. The exibition contains both his own and Rav Aages collection of unique pieces of amber, found by the West Coast.

The amber is unique with regard to age, size and shape. There are different types of colour and glow as well as radiance and warmth.

Amber is created by resin that is exposed to great pressure and in the composition you can measure the level of oxygen at the time of the creation of the amber. Sometimes, you can find ancient insects in the pieces of amber.

In connection to the museum, there is a small amber grindery, where you can follow the process how to shape a unique piece of amber.


Ravhuset ved Bjarne Hansen
Vesterhavsgade 5
DK-7680 Thyborøn

+45 3211 9527