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Rav Huset - Amber Jewelry Store

Rav Huset  is both an amber jewelery shop, amber grinding mill and mini-museum in Thyborøn.

In Rav Huset's shop you can buy amber jewelery and amber trees to take home as a reminder of your visit to Thyborøn.

If you have found amber on the beach, you can have a personal piece of jewelery made by Bjarne Hansen, who also carries out repairs of amber jewelery by appointment.


More than just amber

In Rav Huset there is an exhibition with things from the fishing, stone age finds and much more. You are welcome to explore the cozy courtyard after signs with wise words and funny objects. 

Bjarne Hansen, who is the owner of Rav Huset, likes to tell about the collections and stories about the local area.

In the courtyard there is room for up to 12 people. Here you are welcome to enjoy your brought food.


Opening hours:

The Amber House is open during the tourist season or by appointment. Contact Bjarne Hansen on mobile (+45)2168 6598.