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Per Kirkeby

Photo: Geopark Vestjylland

Per Kirkeby is an internationally recognized painter and geologist, born in 1938.

At Skærum Mølle Folkeuniversitetscenteret the purpose is to communicate scientific results to the people in West Jutland. In the 1980’s one of the students was Carlo Møller from Holstebro. Over the years, he had build a large collection og rocks and minerals, and he was searching for a house where he could display them. He wished for his own house of rocks.

Gudrun Aspel contacted artist Per Kirkeby, who was famous for his sculpturs in red bricks, to hear if he would draw the house for the rocks. He had never made a house before, and she said they had no money. He replied, that he could not do the work cheaply. On the other hand nothing could prevent him from doing it for free.

Per Kirkebys old geology professor Arne Noe-Nygaard had been part of the foundation of the University Center Skærum Mølle. Per Kirkeby decided to go to the center with his own mason. After the visit, Per Kirkeby accepted the project. The piece was equiped with a restroom and was called "a functional sculpture". Ny Carlsberg Foundation sponsored the built.

In 1996, the Kirkebys brick sculpture was built. There is geothermal heating in the "House of Stones And Stars" which was also sponsored by the Ny Carlsberg Foundation. The piece has not yet become a national treasure, but a number of international Kirkeby researchers have laid the road by several times.

In the periode Maj 1st to October 23rd there is a guided tour every monday at 1:30 pm in Skærum Mølles exibitions in Per Kirkeby's House of Stones And Stars, in the Brickworks Museum and in the old consumer cooperative shop. The tour ends with coffee and cake. (DKK 75,-). See updated information at the webpage.

The exibitions can be visited all year with a prior agreement.


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