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Health Care Center Holstebro

The building is designed by the architects Arkitema Architects with NIRAS as consulting engineers and will have 11.000 m2, where there among others will be emergency clinic, nursing clinic, regional medical outpatient clinics, midwife, radiology, psychiatry functions, the municipal emergency seats, children dental care, GPs, and an orthodontist.

It is designed as a distinctive and strong architectural form, a star with rounded corners. It has the advantage that with its many directions it can adapt to the environment and reach out to the surrounding context, and create a strong center inside the building.

The central arrival area is bright and welcoming with a large skylight, balconies and walkways that helps to establish a dynamic and open environment. In addition, the health care center offers an array of attractive living areas and a choice of materials originating in the Nordic architecture. Also good acoustics regulation and changing events is to create an environment that downplays the experience of the institution.