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Borbjerg Møllesø - Angling Water

The large Møllesø belongs to Borbjerg Mølle Kro.

You are welcome to catch perch and pike according to the "Catch & Release"-rules - that is, all fish MUST be released again!

The 150,000 m2 Møllesø belongs to Borbjerg Mølle Kro. Here you can fish after the "Catch & Release" rules and it is for everyone interested - but all fish must be put out again! Both perch and pike can be captured and the registered record is no less than 10.5 kg.

The following rules apply:

- Fishing must only be done with artificial turf; Wobler, spinner, shiny fly

- There may only be fished with hooks without barbs

- All fishing with dead / living baitfish is strictly prohibited!

- All fish, regardless of species, should carefully unhooked and released as soon as possible for the sake of the fish

All anglers aged 18 - 65 must obtain an angling licence. These are on sale at the post office or at National Angling Licence.