Surfspot I Harboøre

Another long stretch of coast covered with pier.

Unlike Thyboron stretch, Harboøre front’s pier are collecting sand on the north part of each pier as the coast is bending and pointing W-SW.

This makes the area a good place for surfing right hand waves which we usually getting from the NW direction. Also here, finding the exact surf spot is a mission and you need to dedicate a full day in order to find a sand bank. If you are lucky, the sand flow will provide you a good and powerful wave.

If you are not experienced, do go there. The remote beach and shifty conditions can make it dangerous for the less experienced surfer.
Also here: Respect the local surfers in the area who chase the good sand bank of this stretch.

Sea bed: Sand
Wave type: Beach break.
Start working at: all sizes
Hold wave size: Double over head
Best combo: Swell: NW Wind: NE-E-SE
Favourable Swell: NW, W, S,SW,N, Big NE
Favourable Wind Direction: SE,E,NE
Suitable for: Intermediate and above
SUP: ok if there are few surfers only.