Sea War Museum

The Sea War Museum Jutland in Thyborøn tells the story of the greatest sea battle in history - the Jutland Battle - which took place off the west coast of Jutland in 1916.

100,000 men on German and British ships fought for dominion at sea. The cannon order was so violent that it could be heard ashore. 8,645 sailors lost their lives. Twenty-four ships ended up on the seabed.

In the dunes facing the sea is a memorial park for the Jutland Battle.

"War is a tragedy and should not be glorified, but the story must be told and the victims should be remembered." is the museum's motto. We have no enemies. It is the war itself, which, is the enemy.

Experience relics from the time during the First World War at the Sea War Museum in Thyborøn. See what was used in the battle on, under and over the water in the North Sea off the west coast of Jutland.

The museum's main focus is on the naval war in the North Sea during the First World War. Especially about the "Battle of Jutland", the largest naval battle in world history. We have also found space for several other things from especially the west coast of Jutland.

In connection with the museum, a marine archeology center will be built with a magazine with maritime objects, a conservation workshop, as well as a research library and archive with study places.

In the museum's permanent exhibition, the Sea War Museum tells a series of dramatic stories from the naval war, which are illustrated with original objects from the event.