Naur Church

If you arrive from Torpvej you will get the best view of the church of Naur, which in spite of its smallness proudly thrones on the hill. The chruchyard, which is worth seeing, is built in terraces below the church, and from Naurvej you have the biblical feeling of "ascending to the shrine".

In the bright interior of the church of Naur the glance is turned towards Sven Havesteen-Mikkelsen's altarpiece "The Birth of Jesus Christ", and the same artist is responsible for the interior decoration during the restoration 1982-86, which is to be seen on the pulpit with episodes from the Passion and the story of Emmaus.

At the southern wall there hangs a Gothic wooden cruicifix from the 15th century, whereas the wrought iron wickets to the tower room have been placed in the tower to make room for the organ. Until 1935 the patron of the church of naur, Jermiin of Ausumgaard, was burried in the tower room.