Höfde/ Groyne Q, Fjaltring, North Sea

Breakwater Q in Fjaltring on the North Sea is a popular beach and meeting place for board surfers. When the big surfs roll in the days after a hard westbound, young surfers from Hamburg and Denmark gather to get up on the swells.

Breakwater Q is one of the few places on the West Coast from Nymindegab to Thyborøn where you can drive all the way down to the hip and the beach.

The hip is built handicap-friendly without stairs. There is a service building with toilets, outdoor shower and sink.

Winter bathing: The residents of Fjaltring have a mobile sauna standing on the court. (Key can be borrowed for a modest payment from the merchant in Fjaltring. You must bring a bag of firewood yourself).

Behind the service building is a shelter area with bonfire - mainly for cyclists and hikers.