Beaver Safari

The beavers have been in Klosterheden Plantation since 1999, where six beaver families were released. Since then the 18 beavers have reproduced and there are now aorund 200 individuals in and around the Klosterhede lake and springs.

Until 2.500 years ago the beaver was still living naturally in Denmark, but they were hunted to a degree where they were extinguished in the country. A 100 years ago there were only 700 beavers in total left bævere in Europe. Since the beaver today is protected completely, is has contributes to a stock of 1.000.000 beavers ind Europe today.

If you want to experience the beaver on your own, you can begin the tour at Møllesøen and walk about 1,5 kilometer towards South-west along Flynder Å. Here you can find trees cut down by beavers, eating areas, lodges and dams. In the gullies at Øvejen/Gl. Landevej and at Depotsøen/Vilhelmsborgvej you can also find beavers. The animals are active mainly in the morning and evening hours.

The Nature Agence arrangeres beaver tours. Fill in the form aftaleskema and email it to

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