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My Playground

My Playground is a new and free innovative playground on the battlefields in the center of Holstebro, where free play, learning and aesthetics in the city hall go hand in hand.
You can climb up, climb in, listen to musical sound images inside the cubes, jump, swing, play, talk and disappear in the dense fog. Limited only by imagination.

The innovative playful landscape consists of more than 37 white cubes in different sizes, up to three meters in height, divided into 400 square meters on the ground. The cubes can be combined in countless ways and are on a base of certified fall rubber. They invite you to set your own limits, mark your stomach and try your way forward. The white blocks are adorned with little poetic phrases that you can discover. Periodically, the playground is wrapped in fog, so all senses come into play.

My Playground was part of the Aarhus 2017 program, but is now a permanent attraction in Holstebro.