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Geddal Strandenge

About Geopark Westjutland

In 2011, John Clausen, a local enthusiast from Lemvig, took the steps to create Geopark West Jutland in cooperation with Lemvig, Struer and Holstebro municipalities.

In 2015, after the preliminary phase, a main office was established with the clear purpose to prepare an application to UNESCO about approval of Geopark West Jutland as UNESCO Global Geopark, which can serve as a strong trademark for the area.

The Geopark is developed in close partnership with the Danish Nature Agency, tourism organizations and the many voluntary capacities in the area. The Geopark is run by a steering committee with a main office, placed at Lemvig City Hall.

Read more about Geopark West Jutland here. 


Geoviden - Tema om Geopark Vestjylland