Ellebæk Church

Photo: Ellebæk Kirke

Beethovensvej 22

7500 Holstebro



Phone:9741 4590

fax:9741 4680

Ellebæk Church Is a new modern church, situated west of the town of Holstebro. The church, which also has confirmation rooms, offices, parish hall, kitchen etc, was built in 1980 by the architect Holger Jensen. It is built in red bricks. The inside of the church building is welcoming and full of light. At the altar is placed a 15 cm high cross, which despite its small size gives a clear indication of the centre of the church. In the gallery in the northern side of the church you will find a 20 stops organ, which fits in extremely well with the rest of the church.

Ellebæk Church belongs to Maabjerg parish and has Maabjerg Church is its mother church. Art exhibitions in the church.


Beethovensvej 22

7500 Holstebro


Town church

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