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Kirkestræde 13

7500 Holstebro

Experience Holstebro in a different way with a culture backpack from Holstebro Children’s library.

Children and adults who are curious to learn more about Holstebro, can borrow The Culture backpack for free. You can choose between:

  • The art route will guide you around the city center of Holstebro and tell you all about the many artworks in the city.
  • The cultural history route in Holstebro city center will tell you about places and houses, which have a fascinating history.
  • A combined art- and cultural history route where you can walk or bike around Vandkraftsøen and learn more about the area.
  • The paint package contains drawing and painting materials. Here people of all ages can go out and paint or draw a picture of Holstebro.

The tours are described for the adults but the sights and the description of them are child-friendly.

The culture backpacks can be used both by adults with children or just adults that wants to learn more about Holstebro town.


Kirkestræde 13

7500 Holstebro


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