Beaver Safari in Klosterheden Plantage

Photo: Lemvig Turistbureau

P-pladsen ved Hegndalsvej

7620 Lemvig


Explore beaver land

The nature guide shows you around the beaver's domain and gives good tips on when and how you can see the beaver in action.

The trip goes around to the lakes and streams that the beavers have made their own. Many of the trees show traces of the beavers living here and building dams and huts of the trees.

Klosterheden Plantage has Denmark's largest population of the diligent beavers. The beaver is a nocturnal animal that is rarely seen during the day. But the forest is full of traces of it.

Practical information
Meeting place: The car park at Hegndalsvej - drive to the address Vilhelmsborgvej 176, 7620 Lemvig
Duration: approx. 1.5-2 hours
Distance: The hike in its entirety is approx. 4-5 km long
Price: Adults DKK 99. Children DKK 89.
Attire: Clothes for the weather and good footwear for a walk in the woods
Dogs: Dogs on a leash can be brought.


P-pladsen ved Hegndalsvej

7620 Lemvig

Opening hours

27 Oct 20 / 27 Oct 20


15:00 - 16:30

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